Sonal Chauhan Relationships: Boyfriend, Ex Boyfriend, Husband

Sonal Chauhan Relationships:

Sonal Chauhan, a distinguished Indian actress and model, has not only graced leading roles in numerous films but has also garnered attention for her performances. The 37 years old actress, portrayed the main character in the recent hit “Adipurush,” among “Great Grand Masti” (2023), “3G” (2013), and “Jannat” (2008)  other Bollywood hits. Additionally, she has ventured into Tamil and Telugu cinema with films such as “F3,” “The Ghost,” “Ruler,” “Dictator,” “Sher,” and “Size Zero.”

Sonal Chauhan Relationships

Notably, Chauhan achieved recognition by being crowned Miss World Tourism 2005 in Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia, making her the first Indian to claim this prestigious title. She had previously participated as a notable contestant in the Miss India pageant. Beyond her acting career, she has been a sought-after model in Delhi, featuring in various print and electronic media advertisement campaigns.

Sonal Chauhan, renowned for her fashion insights and stylish attire, captivates her fan base with regular updates and entertaining fashion tips. Recently, in October, she showcased her trendy outfits in the streets of Washington DC, solidifying her status as a style icon.

Sonal Chauhan Relationships

Excitingly, Sonal is set to feature in “Dard” (transl. Pain), an upcoming Indo-Bangladesh psychological thriller film titled “Dorod” in Bengali. Directed by Anonno Mamun and produced by Sarder Saniat Hossain, Kamal Mohammad Kibria Lipu, and Himanshu Dhanuka, the film stars Shakib Khan, a prominent Bangladeshi Bengali actor, alongside Sonal Chauhan, marking it as the first Pan-Indian film produced collaboratively by India and Bangladesh.

“Dard” is a groundbreaking Pan-Indian Bengali film scheduled for simultaneous filming in six languages: Bengali, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada. The film is anticipated to be released in more than 30 countries during the first week of February 2024.

Sonal Chauhan Relationships

Sonal Chauhan has been at the center of various relationship rumors, sparking speculation in both Bollywood and cricket circles. In 2008, the year she made her debut in the film “Jannat” alongside Emraan Hashmi, reports emerged about an unsettling incident at the city airport. Allegedly, Sonal was slapped by her longtime companion, Sahil Zaroo, resulting in his arrest during the early hours of a Wednesday.

In 2012, while filming the movie “3G,” Neil Nitin Mukesh openly expressed his feelings for Sonal Chauhan during an interview with a well-known news company. He shared his desire for a lasting love with Sonal, stating, “I know she feels very strongly for me. We want to make sure that we’re in love for keeps. I want Sonal to trust me completely before she commits. Isn’t it a man’s duty to convince the woman he loves that he is capable of looking after her for life?” This candid revelation highlighted the depth of Neil’s emotions and his commitment to building a strong and lasting relationship with Sonal.

Despite the speculation surrounding the movie “3G” and reports of over 30 kissing scenes between Sonal Chauhan and Neil Nitin Mukesh, Sonal took the opportunity in recent interviews to set the record straight. She openly clarified her stance, stating, “I am fond of Neil as a person. I don’t know what the future holds for us.” She said she doesn’t understand why he keeps talking about them in the relationship all the time. “But I don’t know why he has been speaking of us this way. Marriage? Have I gone mad that I will marry at this point in my career? I am not in a relationship with him and I certainly don’t believe in casual flings. I have known him for only four months and that’s a very short time to decide and take such a big decision.” 

Sonal Chauhan Relationships

Furthermore, she vehemently denied the baseless rumors regarding the exaggerated number of kissing scenes in the film. Sonal’s candid statements during these interviews aimed at dispelling the misconceptions and addressing the unfounded buzz surrounding the alleged numerous kissing scenes in “3G.”

In 2019, rumors circulated that Bollywood actress Sonal Chauhan was romantically involved with Indian cricketer KL Rahul. Speculations regarding her relationships with other public figures, including actress Nidhi Agerwal and Akansha Ranjan Kapoor, added fuel to the gossip. Sonal addressed these rumors during an interview, asserting on social media that she had no such intentions with KL Rahul or any other mentioned individuals.

She clarified, “No, not at all. He is a very good cricketer. He is very talented and a nice guy,” hinting that their alleged involvement lacked factual basis. Sonal made her stance clear, debunking the relationship rumors and emphasizing the respectful nature of her association with KL Rahul. She told Bollywood Bubble. We know that in January 2023 he got married to the Bollywood Actress Athiya Shetty.

In 2022, while shooting for the movie “The Ghost” alongside Akkineni Nagarjuna in Dubai, Sonal Chauhan candidly admitted to experiencing nepotism and losing out on significant projects due to favoritism in the film industry. The actress expressed her concerns about the prevalence of nepotism, where certain filmmakers prefer working with their favored individuals, leading to missed opportunities for others.

Following the release of “The Ghost,” rumors surfaced, creating speculation about the nature of the relationship between Bollywood actress Sonal Chauhan and the 63-year-old South Indian superstar Akkineni Nagarjuna. The on-screen chemistry displayed by the two actors in the film sparked discussions, generating significant attention from both the audience and the media.

The intriguing element added by their on-screen pairing became a focal point of interest, leading to widespread rumors and discussions about whether their chemistry extended beyond the realms of the film. The speculation surrounding their relationship after “The Ghost” release became a notable aspect, contributing to the film’s overall narrative and generating curiosity among the public.

The actress refuted dating rumors, confirming her single status and dispelling any intentions of marriage shortly. During an interview discussing her ideal partner, she emphasized the significance of finding a respectful companion with whom one can be authentic and comfortable. Maintaining her single status, she expressed the importance of mutual respect in a relationship. She said in an interview when she was asked about her ideal type of man “I am single right now and have no plans to get married. It is very important to find a man who respects you and someone with whom you can be yourself and feel comfortable. It is also pertinent that I respect him as my companion”.

Currently, the actress is focusing on her career and also regularly connecting with her fans through social media. 

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