Taapsee Pannu Marriage: Husband? Mathias Boe

Taapsee Pannu and Mathias Boe’s intimate wedding: A fairy tale unfolds

The spontaneous news about relationship between popular Indian actress Taapsee Pannu and her Danish badminton coach Mathias Boe started at the debut Indian Badminton League IBL in 2013 . Luckily, their avenues crossed, and a long term romance blossomed, leaving the two star-crossed lovers swooning in simplicity and grace.

Taapsee Pannu Marriage

Family endorsement and a private love story:

Unsurprisingly, their cute encounter prompted a longer journey together when Taapsee and Mathias felt attached. Their families visited and approved their relationship, but the couple managed to hide their love story from the prying media during their twelve-year courtship. Savoring their rare moments of love hidden from everyone, the two devotees could withhold their hearts.

Taapsee Pannu Marriage

Marriage is The Momentous Occasion:

In perfect coordination with the grandeur of Udaipur’s royal heritage, Taapsee Pannu and Mathias Boe Crosby married on March 23, Udaipur Manor. Choosing to place love over showmanship, the couple married in the solitary presence of loved ones and a few friends, evading the snoop of media buzz .

Taapsee Pannu Marriage

On March 20, the wedding celebration started with pre-wedding boisterous left everyone mesmerized. However, dwelling upon Taapsee’s penchant of limited gathering, only a few names of Bollywood appeared. Pavail Gulati, Anurag Kashyap, and Kanika Dhillon were present at the event to share the bliss of the occurrence.

Taapsee Pannu Marriage

Taapsee’s close friend Kanika Dhillon took to social media to share glimpses of the joyous moments. “#MereYaarKiShaadi,” she captioned, hinting at the marriage and sparking excitement and exhilaration among their fans. *

Taapsee and Mathias’s marriage depicts the eternal strength and resilience of love. Their love story is sealed with vows and promises, as their hearts, too, become one. It is a story that will linger on like a fairy-tale, exuding the undying fragrance of love.

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