Berlin Netflix Series Review 2024: Budget, Shooting Location, Star Cast Salary, Plot

Berlin Netflix Series Review 2024:

Netflix recently released the trailer for its upcoming crime drama “Berlin,” bringing excitement to ‘Money Heist’ fans. After uncertainty about another season of the beloved series, creators have confirmed there won’t be one. However, the good news is that a spin-off titled ‘Berlin’ is set to premiere in December, providing fans with new content to enjoy.

Beril, the eagerly anticipated prequel to Álex Pina’s iconic Money Heist, delves into the early life of Berlin, a pivotal character in the original narrative. Offering a captivating exploration of Berlin’s backstory before joining the Money Heist team, the series promises to unravel the mysteries that shaped this enigmatic figure.

Netflix, at the onset of the year, tantalized fans with subtle hints about the forthcoming spin-off. Fans got a clue during a special event at Palacio Vistalegre in the south of Madrid. Pedro Alonso, the talented actor portraying Berlin, took center stage to officially confirm the spin-off’s existence. As Beril charts the early life and experiences of Berlin, viewers can expect a deeper connection to the beloved character. 

Who is Berlin on Netflix?

Berlin, also known as Andrés de Fonollosa, stands as a central character in the Netflix series Money Heist, portrayed by Pedro Alonso. In the first part of the series, Money Heist, Berlin’s terminal illness is revealed. Moreover,  He is a crook and a skilled jewel thief. Notably, he is the brother of the professor, a central figure in the show.

Tragically, Berlin meets his demise in Part 2 of Money Heist. In the final moments of the second season, he sacrifices himself to the police, creating a crucial diversion for the gang facing imminent capture. Berlin succumbs to the injuries sustained during this selfless act. The narrative of Money Heist weaves intricate relationships and dramatic twists, making Berlin’s character a significant and memorable element in the series. 

Why Berlin gained so much popularity?

Berlin has a complex set of personalities; he’s a misogynist, a psychopath, egocentric, a narcissist, a delinquent, and a rapist. Fans have a kind of love-hate relationship with him. Many people like him because of his friendship, loyalty, and fraternity values. He is a great leader and strategist.  He took charge of executing The Professor’s plan from inside the Royal Mint of Spain and often made strategic decisions. This is evident in Berlin’s interactions with other characters, where he prioritizes the mission over personal relationships and feelings at any given moment. Berlin’s charisma, emotional complexity, memorable performance, and character evolution contribute to his popularity among Money Heist fans.

Why is Berlin going to have his series?

Because of Berlin’s intricate personality, complex life history, and substantial fanbase, the creators and writers felt confident in developing an entire series with Berlin as the central character. The intense desire for both love and wealth keeps him steadfastly focused on his goals. “We were excited about the concept of introducing a new group around Berlin in a completely different emotional state,” they expressed during a Netflix event in Madrid. Alex Pina, the creator of Money Heist, mentioned at the Netflix 2022 Tudum event, “When he was conducting thefts across Europe, passionately in love.” The upcoming series promises to include all the elements that fans cherished in the original series and more.

What is the cast of Berlin: the Money-Heist Spin-off?

The cast of the Money Heist spin-off “Berlin” includes Pedro Alonso reprising his role as  Andrés de Fonollosa, also known as Berlin, from the original series.

 Alongside Alonso, the cast features : 

1. Michelle Jenner as Keila, an expert in electronic engineering. She is the team’s cybersecurity mastermind,
2. Begoña Vargas as Camero -he’s dangerously uncontrollable and lives life on the edge, 

3. Julio Peña as Roi -he’s a locksmith, the professor, and the faithful chum of Berlin. 

4. Tristán Ulloa as Damián, a professor and confidant, and Bruce as part of Berlin’s gang in the upcoming heist. He’s a master of gadgets and weapons.

Other cast members include Yuri D. Brown as Bertrand, Marcel Gonzalez as Jean, Miko Jarry as Olivier, and Julien Paschal as Polignac. 

Amazingly Itziar Ituño as Raquel Murillo, reprising her role as the policewoman from Money Heist with Najwa Nimri as Alicia Sierra, as Ituño. 

Berlin | Character Introduction | Money Heist | Netflix


Where does BERLIN shooting happpened?

The series was filmed in Paris and Madrid. It comprises eight episodes in its first season. The series is set to premiere on OTT on December 29, 2023.

Berlin Plot:

The series delves into an earlier chapter of Berlin’s life, explored through flashbacks in later seasons of Money Heist. Berlin believes that love and a substantial payday can transform a bad day into a great one, driving his unwavering focus on ambitious goals. In his latest endeavor, he’s orchestrating one of his most audacious heists, involving the disappearance of $44 million worth of jewels. The trailer hints at captivating scenes in the catacombs of Paris and other international locales as the seasoned thief executes his plan.

During a presentation, Alonso revealed that Berlin’s story unfolds after his third wife departs, suggesting the character’s quest for love anew. The initial Money Heist Berlin trailer confirms this, portraying Berlin entangled with the target’s wife, introducing a layer of complexity that jeopardizes the entire operation.

BERLIN | Announcement | Netflix 

Trailer Review:

Berlin’s enigmatic laughter sets the tone in the trailer as he gathers his crew to orchestrate a grand heist at a prestigious Parisian auction house. The scene unveils the four main characters, each defined by unique personality traits, with the Professor guiding the team alongside his brother while studying the auction house model.

The plan involves a clandestine operation, requiring the team to dig an underground tunnel to abscond with $44 million worth of jewels. Berlin’s penchant for love takes an intriguing turn as he develops feelings for Mr. Polignac’s wife, the auction house director living across the street. The trailer captures the team in seamless action, executing their meticulously devised plan.

Hints at potential couples emerge, with Kelia and Bruce, as well as Cameron and Roi, seeming destined for connections. However, the promise of a smooth heist is shattered by the presence of determined police officers, Racquel Murilo and Alicia, who stand as formidable obstacles. Racquel, in particular, views their heist as “magnificent” with an “unreliable panache,” raising questions about her knowledge of their past exploits.

We know that in the original series, they were partners in crime, But is that so here ? We’ll have to find out.

But Alicia says that the Spanish can’t resist “ A good party” so does that mean they are going to join the Heist?

The film promises to delve into the brothers’ journeys, not just as thieves but as individuals in pursuit of love and fulfillment. The audience can anticipate a riveting journey filled with mystery, romance, humor, and action.

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