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Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs is a 2024 American film that falls under the category of mystery thriller and crime film. This movie casts the talented actors, Russell Crowe and Karen Gillan.

Sleeping Dogs Review

Sleeping dogs is based on the acclaimed novel ‘The Book of Mirrors’ by E. O. Chirovici. Adam Cooper, the director of the film ‘Sleeping dogs’ adapted the story line from this novel. This movie is written by Adam Cooper and Bill Collage and produced by Nickel City Pictures.  

Sleeping Dogs Movie Release Date: 

As per the sources, it was known that an announcement was made in November 2022 that Highland Film Group agreed to the distribution deals with Signature Entertainment in the UK.  

Sleeping Dogs movie RELEASE Date

The movie ‘Sleeping Dogs’ is scheduled to be released by The Avenue in the United States on 22 March 2024 in the theatres. It is a new upcoming movie of crime, mystery and thriller genre. Sleeping Dogs will also be available to stream on the OTT platform like NETFLIX. This movie is rated – R for violence/ bloody images, sexual content and language. It is a 1 hour 50 minutes long movie. The film ‘Sleeping Dogs’ marks Adam Cooper’s feature length directorial debut. 

Sleeping Dogs movie Storyline : 

Sleeping Dogs is a thrilling, gripping and mysterious film as it portrays the story of a former homicide detective who suffered from the condition of memory loss. He was forced to revisit and solve a cold-blooded murder case which he was not able to recollect in his memory.  

Sleeping Dogs movie Storyline

It was an old case that involved the murder of a college professor. This information came through a mysterious woman. As the movie proceeds, Roy Freeman (played by Russell Crowe) tries to put together the pieces of a decade old murder investigation. Freeman’s life is now in a state of suspense because as he pieces together the brutal evidence, he unfolds the threatening net of the buried secrets and betrayals. These hidden secrets were hitched to his unremembered past.  

The plot of the movie is how Roy Freeman would be able to solve that brutal murder case that was closed a decade ago. What all secrets of his past life would unfold and how he would be able to remember all the forgotten past.  

It’s a typical American production quite competent in its execution. The cinematography is great; the script is tight, well-written. The characters come alive with their own backstories. 

Sleeping Dogs movie Star Cast : 

The film Sleeping Dogs, features big stars of the cinema. This movie brings together many talented and renowned names of the film industry. The following list mentions these names: 

Russell Crowe:

Russell Ira Crowe is an actor from New Zealand. He played Roy Freeman in the upcoming thriller film Sleeping Dogs. He plays an ex-homicide detective with memory loss.

Russell Crowe

Freeman is forced to re-examine a brutal murder case, only to uncover chilling secrets from his forgotten past. While fighting to retrieve his lost memory, Freeman inscribed his former partner to help him revive the investigation. The actor did justice to the role he was assigned to give life to. 

Karen Gillan:

Karen Sheila Gillan is a Scottish actress and filmmaker. She is one of the lead stars cast in the ‘Sleeping Dogs’ films. Karen Gillan is seen to play the role of a mysterious woman named Laura Baines.

Karen Gillan

Laura Baines was an alluring and mysterious woman who changed the detective’s world in the blink of an eye. When Freeman and his detective partner ran into her, a tangle of contradiction, secrets and horrific reality brings a new plot in the story.  

Tommy Flanagan:

Tommy Flanagan is a 58 year old Scottish actor. He is named as Jimmy Remis in this murder mystery film. He was the ex- partner of Roy Freeman. Detective Jimmy Remis has a bad feeling about this case which has reopened after a decade.

Tommy Flanagan

But all his gut feelings might be for a show or are they actually true… this is a suspense that will reveal in the movie.  

Marton Csokas:

Marton Paul Csokas is a 57-year-old actor from New Zealand. Marton was selected for the cast of Sleeping Dogs. He is seen to work with Russell Crowe and Karen Gillan in this murder mystery film.

Marton Csokas

He played the role of Dr. Joseph Wieder, a college professor. Dr. Joseph was brutally murdered, and the case was closed without any deep investigation a decade ago. His murder case is now opened that gives a whole new direction to the protagonist’s life and to the story as well. 

Harry Greenwood 

Harry Weaving Greenwood is an Australian actor. Greenwood plays the character of a man named Richard Finn.  

  • Thomas M. Wright 

Thomas Michael Wright is an Australian actor, writer, film director and producer. Thomas played the role of Wayne Devereaux

  • Elizabeth Blackmore 

Elizabeth Blackmore is an Australian actress. She is named Dana Finn in this film.  

  • Lynn Gilmartin 

Lynn Gilmartin is an Australian actress and TV host. Lynn played as Diane Lynch.  

  • Pacharo Mzembe 

Pacharo Mzembe is an Australian actor. He has performed on stage, in several television series and in feature films. Pacharo played the role of a man named Issac Samuel

  • Paula Arundell 

Paula Arundell is an Australian actress and singer. She played the role of a character named Susan Avery.  

Sleeping Dogs Movie Shoot Location : 

Adam Cooper’s new release ‘Sleeping Dogs’ was announced in 2022 and thus agreed to the deals of the production company. The lead cast, Russell Crowe was finalized in 2022 followed by the other actors in 2023. The principal photography i.e., production and filming of the movie in a bulk of shooting locations took place in Victoria, Australia. The shooting commenced in February, 2023. During the shoot, Crowe resided in Melbourne and made himself at home. The production of the movie was wrapped up in May.  

Sleeping Dogs Movie Budget : 

‘Sleeping Dogs’, a movie starring Oscar-winner actor, Russell Crowe, is based on a novel The Book of Mirrors by Romanian author Eugen Ovidiu Chirovici. With a budget of USD 32 million, “Sleeping Dogs” was filmed in Australia. Alongside Russell Crowe, the film features cinema big names like Karen Gillan. 

Sleeping Dogs Movie Behind the Scenes (BTS) : 

In the wake of a cutting edge Alzheimer’s treatment, former homicide detective Roy Freeman is tasked to re-examine a brutal murder case from his past. A death row inmate Roy arrested ten years prior is now proclaiming his innocence.  

Russell Crowe was announced in the lead role of Sleeping Dogs in August 2022. Later in February 2023, Karen Gillan, Marton Csokas, Harry Greenwood and Thomas M. Wright were added to the cast of 2024 upcoming new release ‘Sleeping Dogs’.  

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