Ryan Paevey Relationships: Affairs, marriage, girlfriend, children

Ryan Paevey Relationships:

Everything there is to know about Ryan Paevey’s love life. His ideas about love and marriage, his previous relationships, and his present relationship status.

Ryan Paevey relationship
Photo from Ryan Paevey’s Instagram

Ryan Paevey, the iconic actor, has mostly kept his relationship a secret. One of the most popular questions among his followers is if the stunning star has found the one true love of his life or not.

American actor and supermodel Ryan Paevey is well-known for his parts in soap operas on TV. Paevey, who was born in Torrance, California, on September 24, 1984, first sought a profession in modeling until switching to acting. His depiction of Nathan West on the long-running daily soap “General Hospital,” which he performed from 2013 to 2018, brought him significant notoriety. Nathan, one of Paevey’s most beloved characters, was a charming and charismatic figure.

In addition to his work on soap operas, Paevey has acted in a number of Hallmark Channel films, where he has established himself as a main character in the romantic drama series.

Apart from his acting career, Paevey is also deeply committed to a number of charitable issues, such as aiding animal rescue groups and environmental concerns.

Together with his knack for acting and commitment to philanthropic work and his striking good looks, Paevey has won him a devoted following.

His love life has always been the subject of attention amongst his fans.

Ryan Paevey’s previous relationships: Who has he dated?

Ryan Paevey doesn’t appear to want to release much information about his former relationships and seems to prefer to keep his personal affairs private. Even still, learning more about his previous partnerships and all the women he has dated is fascinating! He is connected to three ladies in total: Jocelyn Hudson, Kirsten Storms, and Jessica Hinton.

Ryan Paevey relationships

Did Ryan date her co-star Kirsten Storms?

Paevey was connected to American actress Kirsten Storms. The two starred together on the television show General Hospital.

Paevey was supposed to be getting close with his on-screen girlfriend, Kirsten Storms, off-screen during his time at “General Hospital.” These reports lacked confirmation.

Ryan Paevey is known for maintaining extreme privacy in his personal life. And his romantic path is not an anomaly. Paevey is not the same as Kirsten Storms, though. She is quite forthcoming about her relationship and frequently discusses her dating experiences in interviews. She did not, however, bring up his connection to Paevey. Does this mean that they were never romantically involved in real life?

Furthermore, it has been reported by certain sources that Kirsten Storms wed Brandon Barash in 2013, the year she collaborated with Paevey. Well, this suggests something else.

Ryan Paevey’s relationship with Jessica Hinston

Due to the many Twitter interactions between Paevey and Hinton, the story initially broke in late 2014. The first occurred when Hinton captioned a photo of herself as a toddler with the words “There you go muffin @RyanPaevey” and a kiss emoji. That is so adorable!

Ryan Paevey relationships
Photo from Ryan Paevey’s Instagram

However, it seems that Hinton wasn’t the only one who encouraged rumors. Using Twitter, Paevey made fun of Hinton by stating, “I like this one. She is a keeper. @jessahinton,” followed by an Instagram URL including Hinton’s picture. In January 2015, he tweeted that.

Additionally, Paevey indicated that Hinton was more than simply a buddy. That was evident when one of Peavey’s followers tweeted, “If that Jessa lady is your girlfriend, Wowza! You 2 make a stunning couple!” With a “thank you” and a smiling emoji, Paevey responded to that. Whoa, it’s amazing to consider that they weren’t together!

Not all of Paevey’s admirers, meanwhile, were kind in their responses to the announcement. A few of them refuted the rumors that he was associated with Hinton.

Next, Paevey posts a message on Instagram expressing his dissatisfaction, pinpointing Jessa Hilton in the picture and writing,  “For the second time, a moment from my private life with someone I care about was removed from social media by bitterness. If you do not approve of my life or who I choose to surround myself with, kindly leave.”

However, based on their Twitter exchanges, Paevey and Hinton continued to communicate until September 2015, at that time they stopped referencing one another.

Ryan and his Ties with Jocelyn Hudon

Jocelyn Hudon is another actress who has been connected to Ryan Paevey. She also co-starred with Paevey in the film From Friend to Fiancé.  Actress Jocelyn Hudon is from Canada and was once a ballerina. Regretfully, the rumors about Hudon and Paevey remained just that—rumors. They collaborated on a movie, but it was only a fleeting rumor that soon died out.

Ryan Paevey’s current relationship status

According to reports, Ryan Paevey is single. Reporter Renee Bargh questioned Paevey about when he would want to get married while he was a guest on “Extra” in 2018. The Hallmark Channel superstar said,

I have no idea. I’m missing 50% of that equation, but I’ll keep you posted.”

Ryan Paevey relationships
Photo from Ryan Paevey’s Instagram

After confirming that he was unmarried at the time, Paevey called himself a “workaholic”.

Ryan views on his future marriage and about love.

In an interview with Hallmark Channel in 2018, Paevey disclosed that he would delegate wedding preparations to his future bride. Most of those [wedding] decisions, I assume, will be made with her happiness in mind. Paevey declared, “I want my wife to be happy. That’s what I want”

I want our families to be there. I don’t have any thoughts about specific things like venues, or what kind of suit I’m gonna wear, or what the cake is made out of. Whatever will make my wife happy is what I want.” He said in closing.

Paevey defined himself as “categorically stoic,” which means that he was always composed and balanced when it came to falling in love. “The best part about falling in love is to meet somebody who can break you out of that,” he said. He said that he had never believed in love at first sight and thought that sentiments like “She took my breath away” belonged on greeting cards. However, he later changed his mind and said, “Until you meet somebody who does that.” According to him, it’s a true phenomenon, but a very unusual one.

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