Ruby Riott Relationship: Who is Ruby Riott dating?

Ruby Riott relationship: affairs, husband, childrens

In this article, we will discuss about Ruby Riott’s private life.

Since Ruby Riott is very private about her personal life, her admirers are frequently curious as to whether or not she is dating

Ruby Riott’s relationship
Photo from Ruby Riott’s Instagram handle

American professional wrestler Ruby Riott, whose actual name is Dori Elizabeth Prange, is well-known in the sports entertainment industry for her distinctive style and powerful presence. Riott, who was born on the ninth of January 1991, started her professional wrestling journey on the indie circuit as Heidi Lovelace.

She became well-known in the WWE in 2017 when she signed on to the SmackDown Live roster as a member of The Riott Squad. Ruby Riott gained recognition right away for her attention-grabbing in-ring passion, unusual purple hair, and punk-rock-inspired look.

Talking about Ruby’s personal life, she seems to enjoy the secrecy of her solitude. Ruby Riott’s private life is not well known, and her social media accounts rarely provide enough information. For many people, focusing a great deal of curiosity on their romantic lives can be stressful.

Who is Ruby Riott dating?

Although it’s widely acknowledged that individuals like to keep their private lives private, being a public figure that millions of viewers are either acquainted with or have observed on TV makes it challenging to maintain that privacy. It’s difficult to tell if Ruby is single and not dating anyone, or if she’s just attempting to avoid that situation by staying with Jake Holmes.

To add to your information Jake Holmes is Ruby’s ex-boyfriend. The two dated for a quite long period of time, and how and when the two parted ways is away from public scrutiny. Some do believe that they are still together but prefer to keep their relationship a secret, away from the media’s attention.

Ruby Riott’s relationship with Jake Holmes

Ruby Soho enjoys being in the spotlight and isn’t afraid to voice her ideas, but she prefers to keep her personal life private.

Ruby Riott’s relationship
Photo from Ruby Riott’s Instagram handle

Although she claims to be single at the moment, many think she still maintains ties to her ex-boyfriend Jake Holmes.

Jake Wayne Holmes, a 32-year-old single tag team wrestler who is presently employed as a freelancer, goes by the titles Jake Something, Jake Shooter, and Cousin Jake.  Riott’s magnetism has won over everyone. Jake Something is the man she has most impressed.

The pair first connected professionally a few years ago. But they haven’t been together for a while now.

Jake, her ex-boyfriend, last shared a photo of them on Twitter in 2018 under the handle @Jakesomething_

Captioned as, “ Okay but for real how gorgeous is my girl??”

Ruby seldom discusses her private matters on social media, but in the month of June 2018, she made it known that she was seeing wrestler Jake Something.

I don’t normally post much about my personal life on Instagram, but with a hunk like this as my wedding date, how could I resist? 😍” she said beside a picture of the couple that she uploaded on social media.

With the exception of the photo from her brother’s wedding, Ruby has deleted all of the images she shared on social media with Jake. Ruby has uploaded several photos on her Instagram account during her brother’s wedding. She also has photos with Jake among all the others.

When and why the couple parted ways is undisclosed. Ruby is fairly active on social media, which makes it evident what’s going on in her life right now, despite the fact that she dislikes others knowing her personal information.

Ruby Riott’s relationship: Did Ruby and Eddie ever date?

Since leaving WWE, her standing as one of the greatest female wrestlers in the entire globe has only grown stronger.

In the weeks after joining AEW, Soho met a lot of new acquaintances. Eddie Kingston is one of them; the two of them are quite close. Given their relationships and the manner in which they spoke about one another, many fans assumed that they had been more than simply close friends.

Despite their extreme closeness in real life, Ruby Soho and Eddie Kingston do not appear to have had a romantic relationship. Even now, they stay close and support one another with both personal and professional problems.

Ruby Riott’s relationship
Photo from Ruby Riott’s Instagram

When Ruby Soho first arrived at AEW, Eddie Kingston became a close buddy. The latter shared his feelings on his relationship with the former Ruby Riott, saying that she has supported him through good times and bad.,

“I just remember when she first started out wrestling, I knew her trainer, Billy Roc. So knowing that I knew her trainer, and how much of a good person her trainer was, I decided to look out for anybody who is one of his students….So, that’s how it all started. And then as time went on, we started talking deeper about things. And then we just started, you know, clicking and understanding each other. It was very weird how the friendship grew so quickly, but she got me right away.”

Other facts about Ruby riott’s

Ruby adores getting tattoos. She has a variety of tattoos on her wrists, limbs, and lower neck.

Ruby Soho is thought to be worth $1 million. Her reported income under AEW is around $100,000. In addition, she earns money from private sponsorship and endorsement contracts.

Ruby has been an experienced wrestler for almost ten years, and during that time she has amassed a substantial amount of riches and gained recognition as a powerful female character in the media.

Photo from Ruby Riott’s Instagram handle

Ruby Riott’s story is one of conquering challenges on a personal level. Her toughness outside of the wrestling arena is demonstrated by her resilience in the face of losses and injuries. Riott connects with people who value her honesty by being transparent about her difficulties with mental health.

To sum up, Ruby Riott’s influence on professional wrestling extends beyond her achievements within the ring. She has left an indelible mark on the next generation of wrestlers and fans, serving as a symbol of uniqueness and tenacity in both her personal and professional lives.

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