Bleach Tybw Cour 3 (Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War Cour 3) Review: Plot, Release Date, Leaks

Bleach Tybw Cour 3:

BLEACH is a Shounen Anime based on the Manga of the same name written and illustrated by Tite Kubo. The Anime started its course in the year 2004 and released 366 episodes and 4 movies in the span of 8 years till the year 2012 when the series came to a halt. Bleach is a part of the renowned Big 3 of the anime world. Bleach is famous for its engaging story arcs, unique world composition and philosophical and pragmatic concepts.

Bleach tybw cour 3

Bleach made its comeback in the year 2022 after ten years and took over the Anime community world once again with a darker and deeper story arc known as The Thousand Year Blood War. This comeback of the decade was followed by an immensely insane level of animation which did justice to the series.

Bleach TYBW Cour 3 Plot :

The original plot and storyline of the Bleach world consists of Soul Reapers engaging in maintaining the balance of souls and protect the World of the Living and The Soul Society from threats known as Hollows. The Thousand Year Blood War Arc is a sequel to the 2012 storyline and is the Final Arc in the Manga.

Bleach tybw cour 3  plot

The Thousand Year Blood War goes way back to a thousand years when, the 13 Court Guard Squads which consisted of the then strongest Soul Reapers of the Soul society, fought against the Quincies and their king named Yhwach in a battle over the Soul Society. This Quincy King who was then confined and sealed away a thousand years ago, returns to take his revenge and conquer the three worlds with the motive of eliminating the cycle of Birth and Death.

Bleach TYBW is scheduled to run its entire TYBW manga arc in a 4 – cour release schedule. Cour 1 was titled as The Blood Warfare. Cour 2 was titled as The Separation. Cour 3 is reportedly titled as The Conflict. Cour 4 is not yet titled and is scheduled to bring the story to its end.

Bleach TYBW Cour 1 was released in October 2022 and consisted of Manga Chapters 480 to 542 and reinstalled the story of the Substitute Soul Reaper Ichigo Kurosaki after the end of The Lost Substitute Shinigami Arc in 2012. This Cour included 13 episodes and introduced the Quincy King Yhwach as the main antagonist of the story. The War between Soul Reapers and Quincies take place in the Soul Society and heavy casualties are borne by the Soul Reapers. The story also follows Ichigo’s past and his roots and basis of his powers.

Bleach TYBW Cour 2 was released in July 2023 and consisted of Manga Chapters 543 to 608 and followed the second battle between the Soul Reapers and the Quincies with the involvement of Ichigo with his new swords and powers. This battle then leads to Yhwach finding his way to the Royal Palace in the sky and proceeds to fight against Squad Zero or the Royal Guard whose duty was to protect the Soul King further revealed as Yhwach’s father. The second cour also had 13 episodes with the last release on September 30 2022.

Bleach TYBW Cour 3 will be released in the Spring 2024 or early Summer 2024 and will likely include Chapters between 609 to 635. This Cour will follow Yhwach’s rebellion and his attempt in killing the Soul King and creating a new world. Ichigo and the other Soul Reapers will attempt to save the king and fight against the Quincy Security Squad and Yhwach.

Bleach tybw cour 3  release date


Bleach TYBW Cour 3 Characters :

  • Ichigo Kurosaki,
  • Uryu Ishida,
  • Orihime Inoue,
  • Yasutora Sado,
  • Rukia Kuchiki,
  • Renji Abarai,
  • Aizen Sousuke,
  • Yoruichi Shihoin,
  • Kisuke Urahara,
  • Yhwach,
  • Senjumaru Shutara,
  • Ichibe Hyosube,
  • Sternritters – The Balance (B – Hashwalth), The X-Axis (X), The Miracle (M), The Death Dose (D),

Captains of 13 Court Guard Squads – Shunsui Kyuoraku, Jushiro Ukitake, Mayuri Kurotsuchi, Toshiro Hitsugaya, Shinji Hirako and Kenpachi Zaraki.

Other Characters – Full List of Characters and Voice Actors can be viewed here.

Bleach TYBW Cour 3 Trailers and visuals:

Bleach TYBW Trailer for Cour 3 was released officially on Oct 1, 2023. The same can be accessed on the official website of Bleach here. Following the release, Official Visuals for Characters were also released on the same website on 27 Nov 2023. The trailer confirms the release of Cour 3 in 2024.

Bleach TYBW Cour 3 Trailer

A Teaser was released on 17 Dec 2023 regarding the Cour 3 giving even more details on the characters like Aizen, Grimmjow, Nelliel and Riruka and Yukio. The Teaser was released on the official twitter account of the anime here.

Bleach TYBW Cour 3 Release Date :

Although no specific date in 2024 is yet announced for the release of Bleach TYBW Cour 3, trends suggest that the series will return in the month of March. The series will be released in India as well just like always being broadcasted worldwide.

Bleach TYBW Cour 3 Leaks and Spoiler :

The Most anticipated moment in the Cour 3 of TYBW is undoubtedly the Return of Aizen Sousuke after he was defeated by Ichigo and was sealed of. An entire Chapter is devoted to this moment in the Manga and is titled as ‘Chapter 617 : Return Of The God’. This thrilling sequence is confirmed to take place in the Cour 3 of the series. Hundreds and Thousands of posts and reels are already overtaking social media regarding Aizen’s Comeback. The leaks were confirmed after the animation studio released a footage of Aizen’s Binding Chair in the trailer for the next Cour.

Bleach TYBW Cour 3 Leaks

Although there is too much confusion as to Cour 3 storyline since many scenes in Cour 2 were not according to manga like Senjumaru’s Bankai, editors and animators working on Cour 3 are reported to have suggested that Cour 3 will pick up the storyline of the manga.

Another important moment to take place in Cour 3 starting episodes is the reveal of Yhwach’s Schrift called ‘A – The Almighty’. Cour 3 will start with a continuation of the fight between Yhwach and Ichibe Hyosube.

The Trailer also confirms that Uryu Ishida will be attacking Senjumaru in the initial episodes to break free of her Bankai. Uryu’s Schrift is most likely to be revealed in this episode since it is his last resort. In the Manga, Uryu’s Schrift ‘A – Antithesis’ is revealed in further chapters.

Ichigo Kurosaki along with his friends will make their way into the royal palace to put an end  Yhwach’s plan.

Bleach TYBW Cour 4 :

Bleach TYBW – Cour 4 has currently no information but the most exciting reveals and fights are in the final Cour. The production of the Final Cour 4 is already in place as revealed from some visuals in the trailer of Cour 1, 2 and 3 consisting of scenes like Toshiro’s Bankai and Shunsui’s Hairpins. These footages which undoubtedly belong to the final part confirm that Cour 4 will be released as per the standard release schedule of the previous 3 parts. The most likely time for Bleach TYBW Cour 4 release is end of 2024 or the beginning of 2025.

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