Monster Season 2 Story, Budget, Shooting Locations, BTS, Release Date

Monster Season 2:

After the success of Monster, the Jeffrey Dahmer story that completely shook the world, Netflix is working on the second season. With the concept of heinous crime, Monster is an anthology of crime and punishment. The series was so well appreciated that it became trending on Netflix with a billion views.

Monster Season 2 Story

Therefore, to continue the legacy, Monster is back with its season two. For second two, it will cover the real-life story of Lyle and Erik Menendez.

Monster Season 2: The Story of the Menendez Brothers

The teaser has been released which consists of a recording of one of the brothers with 911, in which he’s telling how someone took the lives of his parents. The voice on the phone call recording seems very distorted, constantly crying with pain and fear. In addition, the story on the show will most probably start with this call. The series will also take us to the past of their parents, Jose and Kitty. It will show how they spent their lives, including Jose struggling to make a living in the U.S. and how he became a successful entertainment executive.

Monster Season 2 Story

It will be really interesting to see the Menendez family, which started from nothing and ended up becoming not just wealthy but also very powerful. There will also be the background of Mary Louise and how she became Kitty through a beauty pageant. It will also cover Jose, leading to the record label that signs Duran Duran and Menudo.

Being a perfect example of the American dream, it will be interesting to know how the family was picture perfect and how everything was ruined in a way that no one could imagine.

The Monster Season 2, which includes the story of the Menendez family, is full of twists and turns because no one can believe that something this cruel could happen to them. The family moved to LA a few weeks ago as Jose was trying to start a new career in the movie. The main incident happened in LA.

Besides, the Menendez family was even living in one of the most posh areas of Beverly Hills and their house was once the residence of stars like Micheal Jackson. So it looks like their luck was on their side, but that was only the beginning of the much bigger destruction.

The show will showcase Jose as the kind father who drives passion in his kids and doesn’t give them the choice to be unsuccessful. Lyle, the son of Jose Menendez will be portrayed as an athlete in the show, as he was a tennis player. According to public records, Lyle was somewhat of Daddy’s boy and he used to be so obedient to his father that became the example.

Monster Season 2 Story

Eric was no less than a champion as he also became nationally ranked in tennis and also helped his father in business. Both the brothers were bound to be successful especially when they had a father as influential as Jose.  But Jose also used to put pressure on the children and it has a really negative effect on them. The odd thing is that being a part of a wealthy family, the brothers somewhere lost their mental health which could be the turning point of the show.

What could happen when a loving father pushes you too hard, you could lose confidence, and that’s exactly what happened to Eric. The testimony of Eric’s coach recorded that Eric stopped believing that he was good enough for anything and his father became really dominant. The drastic change in the father-son relation will take a really dark path from a point forward, as in real life Eric became a troubled kid and turned into a bit of a rebel.

As a troubled kid, Eric burglaries with his friends and due to his father’s reputation he didn’t serve any jail imprisonment. On the other hand, Lyle wasn’t doing great either as despite getting into a prestigious university like Princeton he wasn’t taking his studies seriously and soon suspended because he plagiarized and caused a lot of trouble during his time there.

It was long after these incidents that Jose and Kitty were found lifeless in their luxurious mansion. Their life was taken so brutally that their faces were completely unidentifiable. Police felt that it was the work of someone who wanted to take revenge and that’s why they went after business rivals.

The brothers were really young, 18 and 21 years old when the incident happened. However, the reality of the murder was beyond everyone’s imagination.

The story will not just end at the arrest of the brothers, but there will be a lot of things to be covered. The show will highlight the actual trials of Menendez Brothers, similar to the past season of Jeffrey Dahmer.

Monster Season 2 Cast:

The series will be a wholesome show that has everything from drama to a rich family, two young boys to a mystery that needs to be solved. The Menendez case was a Countrywide sensation and everyone wanted to know what happened next.

Monster Season 2 cast

The teaser announcement by Netflix didn’t have shown any actors. It has been reported that for Monster season two, the role of Menendez Brothers will be played by Nicholas Alexander Chavez and Cooper Koch. The role of Menendez Couples will be played by Javier Bardem as Jose and Chloe Sevigny as Kitty.

Monster season 2 cast:

The other members of Monster season 2 cast includes Nathan Lane, Ari Graynor, Leslie Grossman, Dallas Roberts, Enrique Murciano, Jason Butler Harner, Drew Powell, Michael Gladis, Charlie Hall, Gil Ozeri, Jeff Perry, Tessa Auberjonois and others.

It already received a lot of hype because of the previous season. Moreover the new show is being created by Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan, who created the first season.

Monster season 2 Release Date:

For now it is known that the show is going to air on Netflix in 2024. However, the confirmed release date has not been announced by the official sites. But it is predicted that it will be released in late 2024. Till then it will be awaited to see the new season of Monster season two.

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