Triptii Dimri Boyfriend: Relationships, Affairs, Net Worth

Triptii Dimri Boyfriend:

Triptii Dimri, the Uttarakhandi actress who has recently captured the hearts of audiences worldwide with her stellar performance in Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s blockbuster film “Animal,” has become a sensation in cinema. 

Born on 23 February 1994 the 29-year-old Tripti played the role of the character of Zoya Riaz alongside industry stalwart Ranbir Kapoor. Ever since the release of the film she saw a massive surge of millions of followers on her social media account since the release of the film. 

Triptii Dimri Boyfriend

Amid all this popularity, fans are eager to know everything about the actress, particularly her relationship status. After all, Triptii has been hailed as the new “National crush of India”. Tripti Dimri’s recent Instagram post shared by a fan page has stirred up rumors and discussions regarding her relationship status, particularly her alleged breakup with Anushka Sharma’s brother, Karnesh Sharma. The post has become a focal point for gossip, leading to speculation and questions about the current status of their relationship. 

Triptii Dimri’s Photos at a Wedding Celebration Sparks Dating Rumors

Triptii Dimri recently graced Instagram with enchanting snapshots donned in a stunning white lehenga, hinting at a festive wedding affair. Intriguingly, she chose to share these picturesque moments sans any accompanying captions, adding an air of mystery. Noteworthy among the collection are two photos featuring a charming selfie of Triptii alongside Sam Merchant, sparking speculation and fueling rumors of a blossoming romance.

Triptii Dimri Boyfriend

The trilogy of images that caught widespread attention captured Triptii immersed in the joy of the celebration, surrounded by a lively group of friends, as evidenced in a vibrant group photo. Another highlight includes candid shots of Sam Merchant near Triptii, exuding celebratory vibes at the wedding of their dear friends in Goa, Shimul Patel, and Rahul Jhangiani – details gathered from some resources.

Triptii Dimri Boyfriend

Tripti Dimri garnered acclaim for her remarkable portrayals in Anvita Dutt’s period films, notably “Bulbul” (2020) and “Qala” (2022). Her stellar performance in “Bulbul” earned her the prestigious Filmfare OTT Award, highlighting her talent and contribution to the cinematic landscape. 

Who is Sam Merchant? : Rumoured Boyfriend of Triptii Dimri? 

Sam Merchant, a model-turned-businessman, has recently been linked romantically with Triptii Dimri, the talented actor. Their alleged involvement surfaced following Triptii’s rumored breakup with Anushka Sharma’s brother, Karnesh Ssharma. Sam and Triptii were spotted together at a wedding party, igniting speculation about their relationship. 

Triptii Dimri Boyfriend

Sam Merchant is a versatile Indian personality known for his diverse roles as an actor, businessman, entrepreneur, and travel blogger. 

As an entrepreneur, Sam is the Chairman and President, involved in the Bio, Nano, and Pharma sectors, as well as IPO consulting globally. He possesses expertise in facilitating debt and equity for businesses across various industries. Additionally, Sam is the founder of The Merchants Financial Group, Ltd., a privately held capital investment company established in 1986.

Notably, Sam has contributed to making Goa one of the go-to party destinations, realizing his dreams in the hospitality sector. He is known for his role in “Sameer Khan & Deepshikha Raina: Choom Lu Honth Tere ” (2021) and “When Night Falls’ (2007). Triptii, Tiger Shroff, and Disha Patani are some notable Bollywood actors he is following on Instagram. 

Relationship between Anushka Sharma’s brother Karnesh Ssharma and Tritpti Dimri? 

Rumors surrounding the relationship between Karnesh Sharma and Tripti started circulating in December of the previous year. This speculation arose when Tripti Dimri, shared a heartfelt photo on her Instagram, featuring her with film producer Karnesh Sharma, who happens to be the brother of the renowned actor Anushka Sharma. The picture’s caption read, “My love” accompanied by a heart emoji.

Triptii Dimri Boyfriend

The image captured a moment of Tripti hugging Karnesh, and it was initially posted by Saurabh Malhotra, an associate producer at Karnesh’s film production company, Clean Slate Films. The ongoing rumors suggest that Tripti and Karnesh have been in a romantic relationship for an extended period. Tripti garnered significant attention during this time due to her remarkable performances in the Thriller/Musical ‘Qala’ and another film titled ‘Bulbul,’ both produced by Clean Slate Films, which is affiliated with Virat Kohli’s brother-in-law.

Despite their chemistry, the duo, Triptii Dimri, and Karnesh Sharma kept their relationship under wraps, never divulging details to the public.

Speculation about their breakup arose in July 2023, suggesting a possible split. Fans and critics noticed the abrupt unfollowing on social media and the removal of shared pictures, intensifying breakup rumors.

A keen eye revealed that even Triptii Dimri’s character poster from ‘Bulbul’ went missing from his social media. In a recent interview, Tripti Dimri candidly stated, “The ship has already sailed,” hunting after their relationship.

Tripti Dimri’s future endeavors in 2024 and Net worth : 

In the realm of her professional endeavors, fans eagerly anticipate the release of her upcoming film. On July 9th, Karan Johar made a significant announcement through his social media channels, unveiling the release date for his upcoming production. This much-anticipated romantic comedy features the talented trio of Vicky Kaushal, Tripti Dimri, and Ammy Virk in the lead roles, under the skilled direction of Anand Tiwari. Johar, not only a co-producer but also the director, expressed his deep connection to the project in a heartfelt note.

In his social media post, Karan Johar shared insights into the profound significance of the film, stating, “A film that is exceptionally close to my heart for various reasons.” Additionally, Johar praised Anand Tiwari, the director of the film, emphasizing Tiwari’s humor and golden heart, traits that are reflected in abundance in his work.

The movie “Mere Mehboob Mere Sanam,” is scheduled to release in cinema halls on February 23, 2024, adding to the anticipation surrounding this heartfelt cinematic venture.

Additionally, Triptii is set to grace the screen in another promising project titled ‘Vicky Vidya Ka Woh Wala Video,’ an upcoming Hindi movie directed by Raaj Shaandilyaa. This cinematic venture is poised to feature the talented Rajkummar Rao alongside Triptii Dimri in pivotal lead roles. The collaboration of these seasoned actors under the direction of Raaj Shaandilyaa hints at a compelling narrative and a visual treat for the audience.

Tripti Dimri’s estimated net worth is subject to industry estimates, placing it in the INR 2-3 crores range. Her endeavors in the entertainment industry have contributed to her net worth, reaching about ₹3 crores as of 2024.

Notably, in 2023, Tripti Dimri’s net worth is estimated to be around Rs 2 Crore, highlighting her growing popularity and success within the Indian film industry. 

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