Solo Leveling Explained: Episodes, Manhwa, Ending and What to Expect

Solo Leveling Explained:

Solo leveling is an ongoing Anime Released in the year 2024, with a total of 12 episodes scheduled to release. The anime series is produced by A1 pictures and is based on a Korean Manhwa with the same title Solo Leveling. The story revolves around a young boy in a world where Magic can be used by special people known as hunter. The main protagonist of the story starts off with being called the weakest hunter of all mankind. Sung Jinwoo although being an E rank hunter, still pursues this life threatening job to provide for his family.

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His life as a hunter is turned upside down when his party enters into a double dungeon and nearly annihilated. Still clinging to his life, Sung mysteriously gains an unknown power called the ‘System’ which enables him to literally level up all of his Stats.

Season one of the anime is likely to cover the content of the Manhwa till the part where the battle between Sung and Red commander Igris ends, with Igris becoming a part of Sung’s army of the dead also known as the shadow army.

The first six episodes of season one have already been released, with the latest release of episode 6 on February 11, 2024. The upcoming episodes will continue with Sung’s journey on achieving higher level and thus reaching a rank of level S.

The opening had already confirmed that the battle in the dungeon of red commander Igris, will be included this season And the battle with the army of ironclad soldiers and mages will follow.

The characters included in this season are – Sung Jinwoo, Sung Jinah, Cha Hae In, Yoo Jinho, Lee Joohee, Choi Jong In, Chairman Woo Jin Chul, Red Commander Igris, Three headed hound Cerberus and others.

Solo Leveling Manhwa Spoilers: What to Expect from Solo Leveling upcoming episdoes

Solo leveling Manhwa consists of 200 chapters released out of which 20 chapters have yet been animated in the first season with six episodes comprising the Lizards and Dungeons arc. This suggest that at least Four more seasons will be produced to cover the complete series.

Some of the most anticipated moments in the upcoming season are:

ARISE – This is a keyword used by the shadow monarch to summon the shadow of any adversary he has defeated. Sung uses this word repeatedly many times to create his army of the shadows. This is undoubtedly the most anticipated moment or word the fans have been waiting for deeming it to replace the word ‘Bankai’ as the best word in Anime history.

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Source : Solo Leveling Manhwa

Source : Solo Leveling Manhwa

IGRIS – The red commander general Igris, is one of Sung’s most trusted and powerful shadow soldier. However, this faithful ally was obtained after a fierce fight and an overwhelming strength and courage which will be shown by the end of the first season of the anime.

BERU – The first national level threat encountered in the story which will gather most of the top ranking hunters will end up being a giant ant structured killing creature.  Beru, after being lost to the shadow monarch and resurrected as a shadow, gains on to become a trustworthy and a goofy character for Sung.

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Source : Solo Leveling Manhwa

ARCHITECT – Another reason for Sung Jinwoo to become strong and level up constantly was his desire to take revenge on the creatures who killed so many of his party members and find the secret behind the double dungeon. After achieving a really high level, he returns to the dungeon and finally face off the mastermind behind his System named the Architect who is then defeated by Sung

RULERS AND MONARCHS –  After becoming the sole player capable enough of standing against high-ranking demons and probably the strongest hunter of all mankind, Sung Jinwoo discovers the true order of things and the history behind these strange powers and awakenings. Sung discovers his true essence and the long drawn battle between the heavenly forces of Rulers and Monarchs who were all created for then Supreme being’s amusement.

ASHBRORN – The original Monarch of Shadows and his overwhelming strength which made him special even within the fragments of the holy light named Ashborn. Ashborn is the being who selected Sung Jinwoo to be his vessel and as time went by he decided to pass on all his powers to Jinwoo to protect humanity.

Solo Leveling Levels and dungeons:

Sung Jinwoo enters and clears a large amount of dungeons in the series to gain more experience, level up faster and fulfill his duties as a hunter. The ranking criteria for a hunter, demon, dungeon is the same ranking from highest to lowest as S, A, B, C, D and E.

Officially been an E rank hunter, Sung Jinwoo can only enter a higher level dungeon by fulfilling the minimum members criteria. He eventually forms his own Guild as his capabilities are noted and announced publicly.

Solo Leveling Levels and dungeons
Source : Solo Leveling Manhwa

Most of the dungeons he visit are allowed by the System which are known as instant dungeons. Sung Jinwoo discovers a cure exists for his mother’s illness in a dungeon designed by the System which consists of 100 levels.

The double dungeon is the most terrifying one Sung Jinwoo ever entered. This dungeon consists of enormous stone statues with impenetrable outer layer and which ridiculously strong and fast. This dungeon is created and controlled by the fragment of light called the Architect, who was also responsible for bestowing the System on Sung Jinwoo.

Solo Leveling How does it end:

Sung Jinwoo is the only hunter in existence who can level up his rank with experience. Not only he becomes the target of the demons in the beginning but also of various high-ranking hunters. After a short while, his announcement of being an S rank was made public. This caused a power struggle and a need to recruit Sung Jinwoo as it threatened the very existence of various guilds spread across the world. In the end, Sung Jinwoo decides to create his own Guild in South Korea along with his friend in order to act solo.

Sung Jinwoo keeps leveling up and collecting more shadow soldiers eventually creating an army. He then faces off and defeats the Architect who warns him of a much larger danger that is to fall on planet earth.

With the help of his army and fellow hunters, Sung Jinwoo manages to defeat all the other monarchs and bring peace to the planet. At the end of the story, he uses the Cup of Reincarnation which allows a person to travel back to past 10 years ago. This sacrifice made by Sung Jinwoo causes everybody to forget about his very existence as a hunter as there exists no more hunters in the new world.

Sung Jinwoo stays in the dimensional rift for 27 years slaying demons and monarchs who would originally invade the planet earth. He returns after two years and continues to live on a peaceful and normal life with his family and also reunites with Cha Hae In keeping the truth of everything hidden in the shadows.

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