Rebel Moon Movie Budget: Star Cast Salary, Plot, Shooting Locations

Rebel Moon Movie Budget:

Imagine Star Wars reimagined through the lens of Zack Snyder’s cinematic style, and you’ll discover striking parallels with his forthcoming sci-fi epic, Rebel Moon. Renowned for his visually stunning and action-packed films like 300, Man of Steel, Army of the Dead, and many more, Snyder consistently delivers an immersive cinematic experience.

Rebel Moon Budget

This interstellar odyssey is inspired by the cinematic brilliance of Akira Kurosawa, the Star Wars, and the captivating world of heavy metal magazines. Rebel Moon spans two action-packed parts. Part One: A Child of Fire, captivating audiences with its thrilling trailer released just two weeks ago, sets the stage for an unforgettable journey. Prepare to be enthralled by Part Two: The Scargiver, scheduled for release in April 2024. This $166 million masterpiece will be available on Netflix worldwide on December 22, 2023, with a limited theatrical release in the UK on December 15, 2023.

Rebel Moon Budget

This highly anticipated sci-fi action film features an impressive ensemble cast, including Sofia Boutella, Djimon Hounsou, Ed Skrein, Michiel Huisman, Bae Doona, Ray Fisher, Staz Nair, Charlie Hunnam, Anthony Hopkins, Jena Malone, Stuart Martin, Corey Stoll, Cary Elwes, Alfonso Herrera, Cleopatra Coleman, Fra Fee, and Rhian Rees.

Rebel Moon Budget

Sofia Boutella, who portrays the lead character Kora, reportedly earned a salary of $600,000. Djimon Hounsou, assuming the role of General Titus, received a salary of $500,000. Charlie Hunnam, playing the character Kai, commanded a salary of $400,000 for his involvement in the film. Michiel Huisman, who portrays the character Gunner, earned a salary of $250,000. Staz Nair, taking on the role of Tarak, received a salary of $200,000.

Rebel Moon Budget

Bae Doona, portraying the swordswoman Nemesis, commanded a salary of $150,000. Among the Bloodaxes, Ray Fisher’s salary for his role in Rebel Moon is reported to be $110,000, while Cleopatra Coleman’s salary for her involvement in the film is $90,000. Jena Malone’s salary for her role in Rebel Moon is reported to be $80,000. Finally, Ed Skrein’s salary for his role in Rebel Moon is reported to be $60,000.

The cryptic teaser released months ago dropped tantalizing hints about the plot. We understood from it that the mind-boggling plot centers on a girl named Kora, played by Sofia Boutella, who must fight with the tyrannical army to protect the moon of Veldt from the reign of the Motherworld. An oppressingly corrupt government with the evil intent to rule the galaxy.

Netflix released the official trailer for the movie on November 13, and fans have been eagerly awaiting the entire story to unfold ever since. The trailer opens with a young woman, Kora, in the peaceful town of Veldt. Discovered on a wrecked ship, she is taken in by a cautious townsman who perceives her as unlucky in the beginning.

Despite the villagers’ belief that Kora was an ordinary girl, her mysterious past and deep connection to extraterrestrial visitors suggested she possessed extraordinary knowledge. The looming presence of a mysterious warship in the village served as a harbinger of impending doom. When asked by a concerned bystander, “What do you think they want?” Kora’s alarmed response, “Everything,” underscores her deep understanding of the alien threat.

The visitor’s identity is Admiral Atticus Noble, a ruthless military leader within the Imperium. They initially came looking for food to feed their soldiers. But soon their real intentions to conquer all the planets shatter the villagers’ illusion of harmlessness. When Kora calls their belief “delusional” it sets the stage for her unwavering opposition to the Imperium’s oppressive forces. The brutal acts of violence unleashed by the soldiers unleash a torrent of torment within Kora, fueling her unwavering resolve to protect her adopted home from the clutches of tyranny.

The villagers watched in stunned silence as Kora, their once timid girl, transformed into a fierce warrior. Her voice echoed through the air: “We’re going to have to fight.”

Perhaps this is the moment where she sheds light on the enigma of her existence, proclaiming, “I am a child of war.” However, we are aware that she is a former warrior, a highly esteemed soldier who once stood alongside the imperial army. Yet, unforeseen events forced her to abandon her allegiance and seek refuge in this land.

Remember, in the teaser, the narrator alludes to an ancient myth about a princess named Issa, revered as the “redeemer”. Fans speculate that Princess Issa could be the same person as Kora, the protagonist of the story.

Later, the imperial army’s true mission is unveiled: to capture the rebellious fugitives who have dared to defy the empire’s authority and establish their independent domain.
Upon hearing Admiral Atticus refer to Kora as “the most wanted fugitive in the known universe,” many questions arise in one’s mind. Determined to protect her adopted home, Kora embarks on a perilous quest, rallying rebels from across the galaxy to form a formidable resistance against the iron-fisted empire.

Amidst the brewing rebellion, we catch a glimpse of Michiel Huisman’s character, Gunner, a gentle farmer deeply rooted in his land. Despite his lack of fighting skills, Gunner’s unwavering love for his people fuels his determination to safeguard them. Then we also see another team member, Kai, played by Charlie Hunnam. He appears to be a chill and fun character, yet he is very strong and knows how to fight. He’s a fixer and a pilot, and he’s overall incredibly skilled. Fans are left thinking about that “with a small fee, obviously” remark.

Indeed, Staz Nair’s portrayal of Tarak is shrouded in an aura of mystery. His flowing hair, enigmatic eyes, and chiseled physique hint at a character with a hidden past and profound depths.

We also meet a seasoned expert, General Titus, portrayed by the esteemed Djimon Hounsou. His formidable presence, honed through years of battle, speaks of a past steeped in dark secrets and strategic brilliance. When Kora approaches him, saying, “Then what about revenge?” his gaze hints at a longing for the reckoning he has long awaited.

Emerging as staunch supporters of the rebellion are the Bloodaxes, a formidable brother-sister duo portrayed by Ray Fisher and Cleopatra Coleman. Darrian and Devra Bloodaxe are fiercely dedicated to the cause; their unwavering loyalty fuels the revolution’s momentum. Adding to the rebel ranks is Nemesis, portrayed with captivating intensity by Doona Bae. Her mastery of molten swords, wielded with effortless elegance, establishes her as a force to be reckoned with.

The narrative also introduces Jimmy, a JC-class robot voiced by the legendary Anthony Hopkins. His enigmatic presence and enigmatic wisdom suggest a pivotal role in the unfolding rebellion.

Interspersed with breathtaking CGI sequences, the trailer showcases the Veldt farmers’ unwavering spirit as they rise against the oppressive forces, armed with a combination of traditional and futuristic weaponry.

The action is further intensified by the introduction of majestic and imposing creatures. The adrenaline-pumping background music perfectly complements the visuals, creating a thrilling experience.

The trailer concludes with a hint at the vast mysteries that lie ahead, promising an epic saga that extends far beyond the immediate conflict. Kora’s enigmatic past remains shrouded in secrecy, fueling fan anticipation for the revelations that await. The identity of the ultimate victor in this grand war remains uncertain, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats.

Anthony’s cryptic statement in the teaser, “I was given the memories of a world I’ll never see,” casts an ominous shadow over the fate of Veldt. Could this imply that despite the rebellion’s valiant efforts, Veldt’s independence may remain elusive?

Another statement, “A king is a man, and a man can fail,” Could mean that oppressive Motherworld, despite its seemingly invincible might, ultimately succumbs to its fallibility.

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