Pokemon Horizons The Series Characters, Episodes, where to watch

Pokemon Horizons The series season 26

Pokémon Horizons : The Series is an ongoing animated series set up in the action fantasy and adventurous world of the Pokémon series. Pokémon Horizons is the 26th season in the Pokémon franchise.

Pokemon Horizons The Series Characters
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The plot of Pokémon Horizon follows Liko, a beginning Trainer from the Paldea region who enrolls at the Indigo Academy in Kanto where she receives her partner Pokémon Sprigatito. However, Liko ends up being pursued by the a shady organization named Explorers for a Pendant she got from her grandmother and a group called the Rising Volt Tacklers comes to her rescue and Liko eventually joins them aiming to unravel the mysteries related to the Pendant.

On an Island in Kanto, the Rising Volt Tacklers meet a boy named Roy, who bonded with a Fuecoco that traveled with them and makes it his partner. Roy then joins the Rising Volt Tacklers in order to find the Legendary Pokémon Rayquaza.

The storyline of Pokémon Horizons revolves around Liko and Roy and is a completely fresh start for Pokémon fans since this series does not include the original hero Ash Ketchum.

Pokémon Horizons The series episodes

Pokémon Horizons began its broadcast on April 14, 2023 and is scheduled to release its 40th episode on Feb 16, 2024.

Pokemon Horizons The Series episodes
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Pokémon Horizons The series episode 1 – “The Pendant That Starts It All: Part One” introduces us to Liko, a shy and somewhat awkward girl on her way to the Pokémon training school, Indigo Academy. Liko makes her way to the academy and meets Ann, a Kanto native and now her roommate. Liko explains that she’s joining the academy because her parents attended the school and marvels at the Pokémon battles taking place.

During the school’s entrance ceremony, the Indigo Academy students are brought forward to select their starter Pokémon. Ann selects Oshawott, and Liko chooses the Paldean creature Sprigatito who isn’t particularly keen on its new trainer and refuses to be held and even runs away from Liko early on. However, Sprigatito is still averse to Liko, which shakes her confidence as a budding trainer.

Liko and Sprigatito sneak out at night from the academy to conduct training exercises after unsuccessful battle attempts with Ann before. She finds a group of characters searching for her. A suspicious character Amethio and his comrades give chase to Liko and Sprigatito and he catches up and demands the pendant but is stopped by a stranger who intercepts him on a Charizard. The pendant activates to create a barrier around Liko to protect her

Pokémon Horizons The Series – The truth about Mawhip – “Mawhip’s Truth” is a wholesome episode numbered 19 in the Pokémon Horizons series and show us a unique food Pokémon battle between two past friends Murdock and Mitchell, his previous bakery partner.

The series then follows the adventures of Liko and Roy as they aim to discover the mysteries of the Pendant and the ancient Pokémons.

Pokémon Horizons The series characters:

Liko – A young girl from the Paldea region who joined the Indigo Academy. Her partner Pokémon is a Sprigatito. Liko owns a mysterious pendant given to her by her grandmother which is now wanted desperately by the Explorers.

Roy – A young boy who owns an ancient PokéBall. His partner Pokémon is a Fuecoco, a wild Pokémon who originally traveled with the Rising Volt Tacklers before being caught as his starter.

Pokemon Horizons The Series Characters
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Professor Friede – The commander of the Rising Volt Tacklers. His partner Pokémon is named Captain Pikachu that captains the Brave Olivine. We also see Professor Friede riding a Charizard.

Orla – The engineer of the team who is a machine enthusiast. Her partner Pokémon is a Metagross.

Mollie – The specialist in healing of the team. Her partner Pokémon is a Chansey.

Murdock – The skilled chef of the team. His partner Pokémon is a Rockruff.

Ludlow – The fisherman of the team. His partner Pokémon is a Quagsire.

Dot – Dot is Murdock’s niece and a technical expert. Her partner Pokémon is a Quaxly. She is also a popular online streamer who wears cute costumes and goes by the name Nidothing.

Gibeon – The supposed mysterious boss of the Explorers.

Hamber – The vice commander of the Explorers and Gibeon’s butler who relays messages between his master, the admins and their subordinates.

Amethio – The leader of the Explorers sent to retrieve the pendant. His partner Pokémon is a Ceruledge. He initially hands Liko a fake letter stating her grandmother wants her pendant back.

Spinel – The other leader of the Explorers sent to retrieve the pendant. Spinel us a rival and competition to Amethio. His partner Pokémon is an Umbreon.

Onyx, Agate and Sango – Members of The Explorers.

Zirc – A grunt subordinate of Amethio sent to retrieve the pendant. His partner Pokémon is a Rhydon.

Onia – A grunt subordinate of Amethio sent to retrieve the pendant. Her partner Pokémon is a Golduck.

Anne – Liko’s friend and classmate. Her partner Pokémon is Oshawott.

Pokémons –

Sprigatito and Hatenna – Liko

Fuecoco and Wattrel – Roy

Captain Pikachu and Charizard – Friede

Metagross and Elekid – Orla

Chansey – Molly

Rockruff and Alcremie – Murdock

Quagsire – Ludlow

Quaxly – Dot

Terapagos – A mysterious entity connected to Liko’s pendant.

Cast of Pokémon Horizons The series

Liko – Minori Suzuki – Alejandra Reynoso

Roy – Yuka Terasaki – Anjali Kunapaneni

Pokemon Horizons The Series Characters
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Dot / Nidothing / Guromin – Yoshino Aoyama – Faye Mata

Friede – Taku Yashiro – Crispin Freeman

Captain Pikachu – Ikue Ōtani

Orio – Ayane Sakura – Mara Junot

Murdock – Kenta Miyake – Major Attaway

Mollie – Kei Shindō – Erica Mendez

Ludlow – Ikkyū Juku – Larry Kenney

Gibeon – Shō Hayami – David Kaye

Amethio – Shun Horie – Daman Mills

Zir – Kōsuke Tanabe – Michael Schneider

Conia – Arisa Shida – Lisa Ortiz

Spinel – Makoto Furukawa – Matthew Mercer

Sango – Ōtani – Lizzie Freeman

Onyx – Yuki Onodera – SungWon Cho

Agate – Mimi Maihane – Shara Kirby

Pokémon Horizons The series English dub:

Pokémon Horizons The Series English dub will be released in the United States on March 7th, 2024 on Netflix with 17 dubbed episodes in English.

Episodes 1 to 6 dubbed version was released on December 1, 2023 in the BBC iPlayer streaming platform in the UK. Episodes 7 to 16 were released on January 15, 2024.

Pokémon Horizons The series episodes where to watch:

Pokémon Horizons : The series can be streamed online on Pokémon TV, the official channel for Pokémon franchise.

“Pokémon Horizons: The Series” is set to premiere on March7, 2024 on Netflix marking Horizons as the 26th season of the Pokémon anime.

Pokémon Horizons : The series news on the official website for Pokémon Horizons.

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