Linda Blair Relationships: Husband, Affairs, Children, Boyfriend

Linda Blair Relationships:

Renowned for her cutting-edge performance in “The Exorcist,” Linda Blair has fascinated viewers with her plethora of romantic engagements. The true question, though, is: Is she married or just dating right now?

Linda Blair relationships
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Born in the United States on January 22, 1959, Linda Blair became well-known around the globe as the famous character Regan MacNeil from the 1973 supernatural thriller “The Exorcist.” She became one of the youngest candidates in the long history of the Academy Awards when she received critical praise for the part and was nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the tender age of 15. She achieved great fame at the age of 15.

Over the next few years, Linda Blair’s career consisted of a variety of independent ventures, TV appearances, and horror movies. She didn’t have the same kind of big-budget hit as “The Exorcist,” but she was still active in the business and showed her range as an actress.

Linda Blair’s current relationship status:

Linda Blair, as per the reports is single. The actress is about to turn 65 this year and is unmarried to date. Blair is currently focusing on her non-profit organization titled ‘World Heart Foundation’, where she is advocating for animal rights.

Linda Blair relationships
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Though she is currently single, Blair’s plethora of romantic engagements have always captivated her fans’ attention. Due to Blair’s achievement of early fame and name, she started getting engaged in a romantic relationship very soon in her life.

 Blair had engaged in many high-profile romantic connections. Her most notable partners were Rick Springfield, Rick James, and Wings Hauser. Blair’s name had also been connected to several other celebrities like Neil Giraldo, Tommy Shaw, and Jim Dandy Mangrum.

Linda Blair’s first lover: Rick Springfield

When Linda was fifteen, she dated Springfield, who was twenty-five at that time. Following “The Exorcist,” she was at the pinnacle of fame, and Springfield described himself asa penniless musician in a $180-a-month apartment.”

Although he was unaware of the age difference at the time, Springfield acknowledged Blair’s and her sister’s offer to go out at a pub when they first met backstage. Blair was ten years his junior, but despite their extreme age difference, Springfield became attracted to Blair because she was attractive and well-known at the time. Rick and Linda landed up in his flat after having spent some time at the bar.

As Rick states, “I am her first lover and she is an enthusiastic learner. We share a love of dog and sex separately, not in combination. Most of the time we don’t leave the apartment”

The relationship between Linda and Springfield could not last long. It ended within a year but the two continued to remain friends.

 According to Blair, they broke up because of the media attention, therefore their romance could not survive. She thinks that because there is so much scrutiny in the Limelight, it is really hard to keep a romance going. Their worlds diverged, and ultimately they parted ways.

Springfield’s account, however, is a little different since he said that their drug use-related fights and their habit of sleeping with other people caused their separation.

After all this Linda and Springfield share a good friendship to this date, as Springfield is one of the active supporters of Linda’s organization. Linda recently wished Springfield on his birthday. She posts a picture on her Instagram handle with Springfield captioned as,

 “Happiest of Birthdays to my dear friend @rickspringfield. Thank you for all you’ve done over the years to support the rescued animals and my nonprofit. You are the best with the kindest heart! I hope this birthday is just the best one yet.🥳❤️”

Linda Blair relationships
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Linda Blair’s Relationship with Rick James

‘Give It to me baby’ and ‘Super Freak’ are two of the well-known hits of the American singer record producer, and songwriter Rick James. Rick James was his stage me, his real name was James Ambrose Johnson.

Linda Blair relationships
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The romance between Linda Blair and Rick James started in the fall of 1982 when they happened to meet paths at a refined Hollywood party. Unlike Linda’s previous relationship, Rick James and Linda Blair were both well-known and graced with unusual charisma.

Rick and Linda were both party animals with untamed spirits. Early in 1983, Linda Blair found out she was expecting Rick James’ child, but she decided to undergo an abortion without telling Rick.

After learning of the news, James was saddened. He used music to convey his anguish and composed the popular song “Cold-blooded,” which is about Linda. Even though they never got married, their romance was the talk of the town because of their immense affection.

Ultimately, the couple separated at the close of 1983.

 After several years, Linda expresses guilt about having an abortion without telling Rick. She thought that her behavior had severely damaged their relationship and affected both of their lives. She too believed that Rick would have been a great father for her child.

In his book, “The Autobiography of Rick James”, Rick praised Linda calling her “incredible” and saying that she has a “beautiful mind” and “mind-blowing body”. Rick James left behind a legacy when he departed away in 2004, due to a heart attack.

Linda Blair relationships
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Actress Linda Blair and Wings Hauser also dated for a couple of years. The two met on the set of ‘Bedroom Eyes 2’. They fell in love there but their relationship ended in 1994.

Photo from Linda Blair’s Instagram

Blair being engaged in many high-profile relationships, never got married and chose to remain unmarried. Blair has embraced charity in addition to performing, utilizing her position to promote charitable endeavors and animal rights. Her commitment to these projects gives her professional legacy depth and demonstrates a lady who utilizes her power to change the world for the better. Blair’s journey, which lies behind her public persona, shows a woman who has forged her path, overcome the challenges of celebrity and committed herself to worthwhile causes. Blair’s career demonstrates flexibility and tenacity, from her early success in the film business to her later endeavors in television and entrepreneurship.

Despite facing challenges such as legal issues and changes in her work, Blair never wavered in her resolve to have a good influence. Linda Blair left a lasting impact in the entertainment industry as well as in the fields of activism and kindness. Her life is a monument to the human spirit’s perseverance and capacity to grow over the standards of others.

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