Is David Dobrik dating anyone? David Dobrick’s current dating status

David Dobrick’s Dating history and relationship status

The YouTube sensation David Dobrik has managed to catch headlines as he has been romantically linked to a few prominent celebrities.

Who is David Dobrik dating?
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David Dobrik, a popular YouTuber, has a vast following of 17.6 million followers. David Dobrik is a Slovak-born YouTuber, actor, and online celebrity best known for his vlogs and hilarious videos. Dobrik was born on July 23, 1996, in Košice, Slovakia, and relocated to Chicago, Illinois at an early age. He came to prominence on the now-defunct video-sharing network Vine before moving to YouTube, where he amassed a sizable following with his channel, “David Dobrik.”

His videos, which frequently involve his pals, referred to as the Vlog Squad, are distinguished by their quick speed, humor, and kindness. Dobrik is recognized for his kindness, frequently surprising friends and strangers with costly presents and experiences, giving him an excellent reputation among one of YouTube’s most popular producers.

David Dobrik current Relationship Status:

As of now, David Dobrik’s relationship status appears to be single.

He was in a long-term open relationship with fellow YouTuber Liza Koshy from 2015 until 2018 but has kept his personal life private since then. Therefore there are no verifiable accounts of previous romantic partnerships after that.

Since then his name has been linked with many famous faces such as Natalie Mariduena, Madison Beer, Corinna Kopf, and many others, but he had chosen to give no clear account regarding those rumors.

 It was also rumored that David was romantically connected to model Charlotte D’Alessio.

The three-year-long relationship of David Dobrik and Liza Koshy ended in 2018.

David Dobrik dating history
Liza Koshy and David Dobrik in 2016, source -Instagram

Liza Koshy, the full name of whom is Elizabeth Shaila Koshy, played an important role in David’s history. They started dating in 2015 but openly acknowledged it in 2016, gaining the admiration of their followers. Sadly in June 2018, they decided to split ways but stayed friends. Six months after their breakup, the pair released one of the most tragic YouTube videos of all time.

Given their YouTube stardom, it seemed only appropriate for them to announce their split in the same manner that they revealed their love story. In a 2016 video, the two openly revealed their love affair and transported us through their whole relationship, including their heartbreaking split. David Dobrik refers to his connection with Liza Koshy as his “most proud achievement

Throughout their partnership, Liza Koshy and David Dobrik appeared to be the ideal pair. They made countless videos together and praised one another on social media.

On their one-year anniversary in the year 2016, Koshy shared on Instagram how happy Dobrik kept her as well as how at ease she felt around him. Their posts about each other throughout their relationship were heartfelt.

David Dobrik breakup and continued friendship

In June 2018, the pair posted a YouTube video titled “We broke up,”. The video was posted six months after their breakup, but as David Dobrik stated in the video’s description, they needed to feel comfortable addressing it.

 “It wasn’t healthy for us to continue to be together — for now,” David stated in the six-minute video, tears streaming down his cheeks. “You never know what could happen, but just not now.”

David Dobrik ex girflriend
Liza and David in 2016, source -Instagram

Liza also spoke up about the connection, telling Stephen Colbert,

 “We wanted to heal first. We wanted to give ourselves some time to…….be able to be best friends and be in each other’s lives still without being in a romantic relationship…”

As they stated in their film, their relationship has lasted. In the month of May 2019, David Dobrik told J-14 that they are really good pals. He guessed that they were best friends.

 He also mentioned that their connection had not become uncomfortable, which is normal with exes.

Sometimes people are happier becoming friends. This appears to be the case with Koshy and Dobrik, despite their supporters’ understandable disappointment when they made the choice to end their love connection. As of now, the two appear to be excellent friends, since David has kept the photographs of them on his Instagram and has not deleted any of their photos.

Did David ever date his long-time friend Natalie Mariduena?

Natalie, David’s assistant and long-time friend, makes frequent appearances in his videos.

Fans “shipped” the best-friend pair, although there was certainly never anything romantic between the two.

David Dobrik ex gf
Natalie and David, Source -Instagram

 David told Delish in the month of November 2019 that he had a crush on Natalie. He was really young and incredibly foolish. He’d matured. Natalie asked him to dance in his freshman year, but he had a slight crush on her.

The couple had been the subject of dating rumors for years, and Dobrik teased about “hooking up” with her in quarantine at the beginning of his April 24th video on YouTube, “WE CAN’T BELIEVE THIS HAPPENED!!”

David told Entertainment Tonight in 2020 that he believes it should be evident by now that Natalie and he would never hook up. According to him Even if the epidemic extended for twenty-five years they had to stay indoors. It is not going to take place.

The rumored relationship of David Dobrik with Corinna Kopf.

In the month of April 2023, David came to Instagram to tell his admirers that Corinna Kopf astonished him with a beautiful new Ferrari.

David Dobrik dating rumours
Corinna and David, Source -Instagram

In the photo, David is seen carrying Corinna, fueling speculation that they are more than buddies.

Corinna made it obvious on Instagram that they were not dating, saying, “I BOUGHT MY BEST FRIEND A FERRARI F8.”

Kopf and Dobrik have maintained a close connection, as seen by their regular appearances on their respective Instagram pages. Kopf’s birthday wish for Dobrik in 2020 was a humorous joke about his being her sugar daddy, emphasizing their cordial relationship. The two digital superstars, who began as pals, have managed to preserve their friendship alive.

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Regarding David Dobrik’s marital status, he has never been legally married; he conducted a brief sham marriage with Lorraine Nash in the year 2019, which was subsequently annulled.

Whether he is now enjoying his single life or maintaining a discreet relationship, time alone will reveal. Despite his public demeanor, David Dobrik has kept his personal life private, enabling admirers to make assumptions and anticipate any formal pronouncements in the future.

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