Emily Bett Rickards relationships: Who has she dated?

Emily Bett Rickards current Relationship status

It was speculated that the Canadian actress, who gained popularity for her portrayal of Felicity Smoak in The CW Arrowverse series, had dated a number of individuals, including English model-actress Lucy Pinder and co-star Colton Haynes. Learn thoroughly about Emily Bett’s romantic history.

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Photo from Emily bett Rickards’ Instagram handle

Becoming popular encompasses many different things, one of which is making every aspect of your life publicly accessible. Stars pay this price to be able to live a lifestyle that very few others can ever imagine. Although it was common for stars to wish to keep certain details secret, this stimulated fans’ interest in the goings-on in their personal lives. The same is the case in actress Emily Bett’s life.

Canadian actress Emily Bett Rickards is widely recognized for playing Felicity Smoak in the acclaimed television drama “Arrow.” Rickards, who was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, on the 24th of July in 1991, became passionate about acting from a tender age and took part in school plays and neighborhood theater performances. She went to the Vancouver Film School and eventually changed her concentration to acting from her original goal of being a dancer.

In addition to “Arrow,” Rickards has demonstrated her flexibility in a number of other movies and TV shows, such as “Brooklyn,” “Slumber,” and “Funny Story.” In addition, she has participated in theatrical plays, showcasing her adaptability and skill as an acting professional.

Outside of the camera, Rickards is well-known for her humanitarian efforts, especially in the areas of environmental preservation and mental wellness awareness. Her charitable endeavors have won her admirers all around the world, confirming her reputation as a gifted actor and a kind humanitarian.

Emily’s current relationship status

She is presently dating American filmmaker and actress Aisha Tyler, however, none of the two has made the relationship official.

Over the years, Aisha Tyler and Emily Rickards, two entertainers, have achieved great success in the entertainment sector. Both had taken different courses that finally came together to form an intriguing and well-reported relationship. However, it did raise questions about the specifics of what is happening.

Emily’s relationship with Aisha:

Emily and director Aisha Tyler appear to have been seeing each other for a while based on pictures posted on their official Instagram profiles. Although both of them haven’t discussed their romance openly, they have been posting romantic Instagram pictures together since at least April 2018. They appeared to be comfortable with one another and to have been enjoying each other’s company. Aisha Tyler wished Emily Bett Rickards a very happy birthday in the month of March 2017 and shared pictures of their enjoyable moments together, hoping that their spectacular adventures will continue. Emily, on the other hand, shared a picture of the two of them in the month of April 2018 along with the message, “Bae Day,” and then another picture in which the two were seen kissing.Rickards also complimented the Criminal Minds actress for her work in a heartfelt Instagram post, captioned,

She sparkled her way through hosting the DGA’s with love, humility, and balls-to-the-wall humor. It’s difficult to express the awe and light felt when you are able to watch someone you love and admire succeed, it is nothing short of incredible. I’m uplifted, renewed, and inspired by all the stories shared last night. Most importantly I’m so so in love.”

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Photo from Emily bett Rickards’ Instagram handle

The time it took to put everything together was quite short. The two not only seemed to be enjoying themselves together all the time, but their assertive remarks suggested that they may be more than simply buddies.

Aisha Tyler had been married before to attorney Jeff Tietjens for more than 20 years. Her spouse filed for separation in 2016, and it was eventually granted in 2017. During the four-year period of the divorce, Aisha was required to pay $2 million in maintenance to her spouse, and their assets were divided equally. She was full of praise for her ex-husband, saying,

He’s a wonderful person. He’s been my best friend for almost my entire life. I’ll always, always love him.’

As things are right now, Tyler and Rickards’ relationship has not been formally confirmed. Even though they have shown a lot of affection for each other on platforms such as Instagram, none of them has come forward to publicly declare their relationship.

Did Emily ever date her co-star Colten Haynes?

The co-stars are undoubtedly close because they spent a lot of time working together on the popular TV show Arrow. Despite not being his series love interest, their off-screen intimacy as shown in their Instagram photos raised suspicions that there was more going on between them than just friendship.

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Photo from Emily bett Rickards’ Instagram handle

They both denied being in a relationship, and Colton’s eventual admissions disproved any idea that the two were anything other than just pals. Colton came out as homosexual in an interview with Entertainment Weekly in May of 2016, as the story turns out.

Even now, Colton and Emily are still the closest buddies because they never shied away from hanging together and having a good time, even when it meant showing the world.

Rumors about Emily and Lucy Pinder’s relationship.

Some rumor websites claim that Emily briefly dated English model-actress Lucy Pinder following her alleged breakup with Colton Haynes. Since there didn’t seem to be any proof of the reports and it appeared that there was not any link between the two, certain admirers were perplexed by them. It turned out to be a con eventually, but no one understood why or who was behind it.

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Photo from Emily bett Rickards’ Instagram handle

Though it wasn’t verified, but in the meantime relationship speculations about Lucy and Chris Evans were fueled by a photo of them together taken at Disneyland in 2015.

A lasting impression has been made by Emily Bett Rickards in her private as well as professional lives. In addition to her acting career, Rickards has a lively personality and interacts with fans frequently, which highlights her kindness and sincerity. Rickards is still a source of inspiration for those who aspire to be actresses and for everyone else, as she pursues a variety of roles and projects. She embodies grace, skill, and resilience in all of her pursuits, both professional and personal.

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