Brittany Force Relationship Status: Is she married or dating?

Brittany Force relationship:

The talented drag racer Brittany Force is renowned for maintaining her privacy. Although details of her romantic relationships are not well documented, her career has garnered significant attention from the media.

Here is what you need to know about the love life of NHRA drag car racer, Brittany Force.

Brittany Force Relationship
Photo from Brittany force’s Instagram handle

Born on the eighth of July 1986, Brittany Force is an outstanding American drag racer. Being the daughter of NHRA veteran John Force, she originates from a drag racing background. She made history in 2017 when she became the second woman to win the NHRA Top Fuel championship. Force’s victory in a race that has always been dominated by males was evidence of her perseverance and competence behind the wheel.

In addition to making her a more well-known figure in the drag racing community, her accomplishments have encouraged other young women drivers to follow their passions in motorsports.

Force is respected for her sportsmanship and commitment to expanding the status of women in drag racing in addition to her racing abilities. She is now regarded as a recognized and significant figure in the realm of expert drag racing thanks to her career in the NHRA.

Brittany Force is currently in a relationship with Bobby Lyons:

Force has been allegedly seeing a man named Bobby Lyons, according to her social media posts. Fans are curious to know if Brittany is married or not. Well, the answer is that she is not married. But this doesn’t mean that she is single. Brittany is in a relationship with Bobby Lyons. Force has shared several photos of the two of them together on Instagram.

It’s uncertain when Bobby and Brittany began dating. Based on her Instagram pictures, it seems that the two of them have been seeing for some time. They have also shared several trips, and Brittany doesn’t shy away from sharing pictures of their international travels.

 Brittany started sharing pictures with Bobby on her Instagram handle in the year 2020, however, it is not clear whether the two started dating since then. Where Brittany is open about her relationship and doesn’t hesitate to share the details about her love life, Bobby is quite the opposite. His Instagram handle is also quite private.

In November 2023 Brittany shared a picture on her Instagram handle where Bobby is seen proposing to Brittany. The picture is captioned as,

“7,000 miles away from home, in the middle of the desert…I said yes!🤍

Brittany Force Relationship
Photo from Brittany force’s Instagram

On the same day, Brittany shared two other pictures on her Instagram handle with Bobby Lyons. Both of the posts show wholesome photographs of the couple together on a vacation, where the two were seen enjoying each other’s company.

Brittany Force Relationship

Both the Posts provide glimpses of their special day. One of them is captioned as, “Forever

Photo from Brittany force’s Instagram handle

and the other one as, “11/19/2023✨💍”.

Brittany Force Relationship

 Hinting at the date when Bobby Lyons proposed to her.

Brittany Force’s previous relationships:

Brittany previously shared a relationship with Jim Underco, who was also from NHRA.

Lovely photos of Brittany and Jim Underco, 35, were posted on social media. Soon, whispers were going around suggesting that they might be dating.

Jim Underco is an engineer and blower specialist for the National Hot Rod Association, according to Celebseek. Brittany Force and the guy were rumored to be dating. Force wished Jim a happy twenty-ninth birthday on Instagram in September 2015, garnering significant media attention for him.

Brittany Force RelationshipS
Photo by Allen Berezovsky, Getty Images

The well-known NHRA engineer doesn’t seem to be on social media and doesn’t seem to be sharing lots of details about his private affairs.              

 Force has managed to find time for her romance with Underco amid her hectic timetable. In an interview with Arizona Auto Scene in February 2016, she clarified that she had begun dating and that her career was her first concern, despite not having a major partner. Just a few months afterward, on the twenty-second of December 2016, she shared a heartfelt message for Jim on Instagram alongside a photo she had posted with her purported partner, saying, “All I want for Christmas is you.” Additionally, the pair was seen enjoying Valentine’s Day 2017 at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Jim was included in Force’s 2015 Instagram photo for the very first time. Before breaking up, they had a brief, private romance. Their reserved manner prevents us from finding much more about their prior relationships.

Despite being a very renowned NHRA engineer, Underco, 35, has chosen to stay out of the limelight. On the internet, there is very little information on Jim’s personal life. It is also known that Jim and Brittany are barely two months apart in age. Underco used to post on Instagram with the handle @junderco86. It seems, though, that he may have changed his account or shut his Instagram page. Jim is also nonexistent on Twitter and Facebook.

Force Short Bio:

Born into a family steeped in drag racing history, Brittany is the child of the renowned John Force. Her love of racing was innately impacted by her father’s remarkable career, therefore her opening chapter to the world of racing was a family affair. In 2013, Brittany made her formal debut in the world of professional drag racing by participating in the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) circuit.

When she won the NHRA Top Fuel title in 2017, she made history and became an inspiration for women in racing. It was one of her pivotal moments. She has broken down boundaries between genders in the historically male-dominated world of racing by becoming an inspirational illustration for aspiring racers, especially women, thanks to her skillful and determined performance on the track.

Although Brittany Force has been transparent about what she learned on the racetrack, not as much is known regarding her connections. To preserve some degree of distinction between the two halves of their lives, a lot of popular personalities, especially sportsmen, frequently decide to keep their love relationships private.

In conclusion, Brittany Force’s professional achievements in drag racing are widely known and acknowledged, but information about her romantic relationships is less widely known since it seems that she values seclusion in that area of her life.

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