Blue Lock Movie Episode Nagi Manga: Chapters, Release Date and Trailer

Blue Lock Episode Nagi:

Blue Lock: Episode Nagi is an upcoming anime adaptation of a spin off manga with the same title written by the mangaka of the original Blue Lock manga series, Maneyuki Kaneshiro. The series belongs to a Shounen Sports category with thrilling plot and intense monologues. The movie will be produced by Eight Bit animation studios which produced the first season of Blue Lock anime series.

In a world of soccer, Yoichi Isagi dreams to become the World’s best striker and joins a shady soccer development program to develop his own skills and weapons.

Blue Lock Episode Nagi Release Date:

The Blue Lock Movie: Episode Nagi is scheduled for a theatrical release on April 19, 2024 as confirmed on the official website and Twitter account of the Blue Lock anime. Various character stills and posters are also available on the website.

Blue Lock Episode Nagi Release Date
Photo taken from Blue Lock Official Website

Blue Lock : Episode Nagi Trailer Online

The first announcement for the Blue Lock Movie : Episode Nagi was made on March 25, 2023 on the Youtube channel of AniLand TV.

The official announcement for the Movie was then made on the official website of the anime through a news announcement on March 26, 2023.

An official teaser was released on August 16, 2023 which gave a glimpse of the characters Nagi and Reo before they joined Blue Lock.

The second official teaser was released on November 26, 2023 establishing Seishiro Nagi as the protagonist for this movie.

Blue Lock Episode Nagi trailer
Character Stills taken from Blue Lock Twitter Account

An official trailer is scheduled to release on March 23, 2024 at Anime Japan 2024.

Blue Lock Episode Nagi Anime:

Blue Lock Movie : Episode Nagi will be covering the entire Episode Nagi Manga Spinoff series. The story will be centered around Seishiro Nagi who was branded as ‘A Genius’ and ‘A Monster’ in the first season of the Anime. The story will cover Seishiro Nagis evolution and ‘awakening’ from being an introverted lonesome guy to an egotist soccer prodigy.

Most of the characters from the season 1 of Blue Lock Anime will be a part of Nagi’s journey and most of the matches and conversations of season 1 will be relived in this movie but from Nagi’s Point of View.

This movie will include Nagi’s past as a student, his bonding with Reo mikage and his development in the Soccer world. The movie will show a Pre-Blue Lock Nagi and will follow his encounter with Yoichi Isagi and his development in the areas of Emotions, frustration, rivalry, friendship and most importantly his own skills and ‘weapons’.

Blue Lock : Episode Nagi Manga Chapters

Blue Lock : Episode Nagi manga series consists of 3 volumes and 19 chapters. This manga is a spin off to the original Blue Lock Manga Series written by Maneyuki Kaneshiro. The entire manga series will be covered in the movie : Episode Nagi.

Blue Lock : Episode Nagi Manga Chapters
Photo taken from Blue Lock Official Website

The Manga begins with an introduction of Seishiro Nagi and his ‘boredom’ and lack of interest in his ordinary course of life. Reo Mikage, son of a billionaire going to the same school as Nagi, caught sight of Nagi’s extraordinary skills when he managed to prevent his phone from crashing using his foot. This scene is shown in the teaser. Having a dream of being on top of the soccer world, Reo tries his best to persuade Nagi in joining his Soccer Club. The two develop a bond and an extraordinary skill sets and combination as they train to achieve Reo’s Goal.

As they improve themselves and earn more wins, Nagi and Reo are invited to a mysterious soccer development program named Blue Lock led by Ego who aims to create the world’s best striker. The Second Volume begins with the entrance matches in the Blue Lock facility. Nagi and Reo’s soccer skills and chemistry allows them to pass though the initial selection procedures. However, Nagi’s whole perspective of life and soccer is turned upside down in the match against Yoichi Isagi and his team. Chapter – 9 : ‘The Observer’ establishes this story with Nagi as the main character with Isagi as his observer and storyteller. This match can also be seen in the 1st season of anime from episode 9 to 11, where Nagi’s awakening and his frustration of losing is born.

The Third Volume follows Nagi’s obsession with Isagi’s ‘light’ and his desire to play soccer with Isagi. Nagi leaves Reo’s team to join Isagi and plays new matches against even powerful opponents. New emotions and feeling of sadness, betrayal, frustration and excitement are born inside Nagi as advance to further matches and witness Isagi and Reo. The spin off series ends with a Nagi and Isagi’s team being lost against the team of Rin Itoshi. Isagi is stolen from the team and Nagi develops further to prepare for his re-encounter with Rin, Isagi and Reo.

Blue Lock: Episode Nagi Cast

Seishirō Nagi – Voiced by: Nobunaga Shimazaki

Reo Mikage – Voiced by: Yuma Uchida

Yoichi Isagi – Voiced by: Kazuki Ura

Meguru Bachira – Voiced by: Tasuku Kaito

Rensuke Kunigami – Voiced by: Yūki Ono

Hyōma Chigiri – Voiced by: Soma Saito

Jinpachi Ego – Voiced by: Hiroshi Kamiya

Shouei Barou – Voiced by: Junichi Suwabe

Zantetsu Tsurugi – Voiced by: Kazuyuki Okitsu

Rin Itoshi – Voiced by: Koki Uchiyama

No new characters will be introduced in the movie and the characters of season 1 will reappear in Blue Lock : Episode Nagi.

Blue Lock: Episode Nagi Cast
Photo taken from Blue Lock Official Website

Blue Lock Season 2:

Blue Lock: Episode Nagi is just a retelling of the story of the first season of Blue Lock from the point of view of the genius Seishiro Nagi. The story depicts Nagi’s extraordinary skills and his spacial control weapon. Blue Lock Season 2 continues the story of season 1 where the selected 21 individuals of the Blue Lock Program will fight against the Japanese U-20 Soccer team.

Season – 2 was announced on March 26, 2023 on the official Blue Lock Anime website and is expected to receive additional information on March 23, 2024 at Anime Japan 2024.

The story will involve new characters and rivals and will be centered around Ego’s ambition and attempts in overthrowing the U-20 Soccer team and replacing it with his own Blue Lock team.

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