Anthony Padilla Relationships: Affairs, dating history

Who is Anthony Padilla dating?

Multifaceted creator Anthony Padilla is dating a fellow successful YouTuber. Here are the details you need to know about his current relationship and past relationships.

Anthony Padilla Relationships
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Multidimensional imaginative entrepreneur Anthony Padilla has made a lasting impression on the world of digital media. Padilla, who was born in Sacramento, California, on the 16th of September, became well-known as half of the dynamic team that created the popular YouTube channel Smosh, which he and Ian Hecox co-founded in 2005.

His natural ability to engage viewers with relatable material and comedy helped Smosh reach previously unheard-of levels of popularity and become among the highest YouTube channels. But Padilla began a fresh start in 2017 when he left Smosh to pursue solo endeavors.

In addition to his achievements in the world of technology, Padilla is renowned for his advocacy work, which involves using his channel to post documentary-style films that address identity, mental wellness, and social norms. Anthony Padilla is an inspiration and an advocate in favor of change who never stops growing, having a lasting influence on the rapidly changing field of digital media.

Anthony Padilla’s current relationship. Is he married or dating?

The Smosh star Anthony Padilla is now seeing Lauren “Mykie” Mychal, his girlfriend, however, he never got legally married and so does not have a wife. When the YouTuber revealed his breathtaking new partner unexpectedly in December 2019, it struck waves of shock.

Anthony Padilla Relationships
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By then, their relationship had been continuing for five months! As of right now, we are aware that Anthony is not currently alone.

Mykie is a renowned personality. She is the manager of the widely recognized YouTube channel Glam&Gore, which has amassed an astounding 517 million views and more than 4 million members. Mykie is a Los Angeles-based expert make-up artist specializing in visual effects and cosmetic makeup. She has established a solid reputation for her own in the field.

Mykie is a well-known marvel and enhancements cosmetics craftsman and individual substance maker who earned huge respect for her cosmetics changes and instructional exercises via virtual entertainment stages like YouTube and Instagram. Mykie’s imagination, expertise, and one-of-a-kind way of dealing with cosmetics have gathered her an enormous following and a solid presence in the excellent local area.

Mykie and Anthony have been happily dating for almost four years, specifically since 2017. We anticipate that they both will get hitched shortly. However, this has not yet been confirmed.

Anthony also wished Mykie on her birthday through an Instagram post and wrote a heartwarming caption for her,

happy birthday mykie!!

I always call you my muse and my greatest inspiration- not just creatively but in every facet of life. The way you shower those around you with warmth, your constant curiosity and strive to expand your mind, your playfulness, the way you’re there for me when I need it, even when I don’t know I need it. This world needs more people like you in it.

Enjoy your day today my love

Go spam @mykie’s newest post with birthday wishes hehe”

Anthony Padilla Relationships
Anthony Padilla’s Instagram handle

Recently the couple celebrated their fourth anniversary together. Anthony posted about too that on his social media handle as well, with an affectionate caption.

Anthony Padilla’s Instagram handle

last week was mykie and my fourth anniversary and she took me to the grand canyon and now she’s making me homemade guac vo this week is insane.”

Anthony Padilla’s past relationships

Prior to Mykie, Anthony Padilla dated Kalel Cullen for 4 years from 2010 to 2014. Miel Bredouw is another name that has been associated with Anthony. He also dated Miel for 4 years from 2015 to 2019.

Anthony Padilla’s relationship with Kalel Cullen

In the year 2010 Anthony and Kalel happened to cross paths at a social event. In October, they started seeing each other after a couple of months of being friends. They both settled to the same Los Angeles apartment. Kalel was a popular YouTuber who posted videos about advise, beauty, and other topics. Anthony and Kalel went on several trips together, one of which was to Japan.

 When Anthony asked Kalel a question in June 2013? She gave her word on it. You had no idea that the engagement ring she was wearing had a number in Roman 10 (X). That’s because, on the 10th of October, both of them began dating.

Eventually, the couple parted their ways in 2014. The explanation was both felt like they were developing separated as a couple. Additionally, they quit having an equivalent outlook on one another. In this way, the choice of their separation was taken commonly.

Anthony’s dating history with Miel Bredouw

Anthony Padilla’s dating history likewise incorporates Miel Bredouw. In 2017, Anthony’s ex began the web recording “Punch Up the Jam.” Not every person realizes that she is a vocalist as well. Miel made her singing presentation in 2020 with the arrival of the collection Traveler Season. Call You Out is one of her recent releases. Not neglect to specify, Miel likewise featured in Camp Turn Off as the main cast.

Anthony Padilla and Miel Bredouw affirmed their relationship in September 2017. In any case, later, Anthony shared that they had been together since 2015.

At last, in 2019, Miel moved to New York. That proved their breakup. Following four months, he purportedly had a renewed individual in his life. Neither of them referred to anything.

Anthony Padilla Relationships

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Anthony Padilla has forged an incredible career by creatively and authentically fusing his private and professional lives. Padilla was a trailblazer in the field of creating digital content and had a significant influence on the development of internet humor in the early years of YouTube.. Padilla’s story, from the beginning of his time at Smosh to the beginning of his career, is an example of one showing perseverance and enthusiasm. As a video maker, he embraces sensitivity and variety, sparking debates in addition to providing entertainment. Off the screen, Anthony is a voice for a better society through his charitable work and dedication to mental health. In summary, Padilla’s complex life is a tale of development, influence, and an unrelenting commitment to being loyal to oneself.

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